To better understand why making the right decision on choosing the casino management system (CMS) for your casino is so important, we first need to understand what a CMS is and what it does.

Making the long story short, a CMS is a software that manages all your casino operations. In essence, it is this simple, and it can be applied both to the biggest casinos and the smallest gaming venues.

Undoubtedly, one of the most relevant tasks of the casino management system is registering absolutely everything that is happening inside the venue: from recording every single bet in the slot machines or in the live table games to having complete traceability of all Hryvnia. Such data can be exported into accounting and executive reports. Almost all CMS can do this, more or less sophisticatedly. What is it that makes the difference between the systems then?

To understand this, we should answer the following question first: how high do you want to bring your player’s experience? Do you want to just offer a nice and friendly environment where players can spend their time on gaming machines, or do you want to truly create value for your players in the mid to long term relation? 

The main differences between the casino management systems available on the market rely firstly on the amount of time your team will have to invest in performing and reviewing administrative and security functions (most sophisticated systems are simply more secure and reliable and have more automated reports matching your requirements in terms of accounting, legal, auditing, machine performance, …). In addition, advanced CMS offer developed marketing tools, so you can take control of your players’ journey and you invest your time in developing the players’ loyalty programs and strategies.

Another important point is how the CMS manages your operation mode: Ukraine has been defined as a cashless market, meaning all players will hold a card-based wallet that will be used both for betting and to eventually retrieve their earnings. Advanced casino management systems offer alternative ways to top-up the player’s balance (apart from the Cash Desk) as mobile systems that allow the casino runners to recharge the player’s balance in a very convenient way while they are playing.

There is no doubt that these innovative features may lead to a higher price, but we know that casino profitability can be boosted thanks to these advanced tools and make it well worth paying the difference. It all depends on your business decision.

The good news is that in only 10 years, WIGOS has become one of the top four CMS worldwide, connecting more than 100,000 slot machines in 340+ casinos, and today is the world leader in cashless operation. WIGOS offers the most powerful set of tools (built from our experience in more than 20 different jurisdictions) at the most competitive value for money. But more importantly, we reached this position by being closer to our clients’ needs and requirements to maximize the return on their investment when implementing their casino strategies.

Now, it is up to you to make the best decision for your business.